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Achieve Higher Service Efficiency and Reliability with End-to-end ATM Deployment Services

The India ATM markets are expected to grow at a brisk pace fuelled by demand. Banks are looking to outsource ATM deployment and management to expert partners for service efficiency at reduced costs. This would help them to focus on their core business initiatives.

Successful ATM deployment poses significant challenges in terms of location, infrastructure, physical security, regulatory compliance and directives on financial inclusion. With increasing operational costs, banks are pressured with the need to improve profitability and margins without compromising on the timeliness and reliability of deployment

FSS’ end-to-end ATM deployment brings together high domain expertise, wide reach, efficient multi-vendor coordination, industry best practices, cutting edge tools and service methodologies, and efficient project management capabilities. All in a shared service model to increase your top line and bottom line revenues

Seamless Efficiency. Comprehensive Services.

As a leading player and trusted partner, we have successfully managed ATM deployment for more than 25 leading public and private banks across India. From identifying real estate, obtaining mandatory approvals, ATM installation and related infrastructure, we provide a single point of comprehensive services.

We have a proven track record of ATM deployment across diverse locations to maximize transactions and enhance reach. We leverage the power of analytics to identify strategic locations to maximize footfall and profitability.

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